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New preprint on combining tetrodes with silicon probes in freely moving mice

Ever wanted to combine tetrodes with silicon probes to simultaneously measure neural activity from within and across neural layers in a freely moving mouse? A new preprint (together with the Battagla lab) describing a small device to do this is now on bioRxiv:

Guardamagna M, Eichler R, Pedrosa R, Aarts A, Meyer AF*, Battaglia FP*. The Hybrid Drive: a chronic implant device combining tetrode arrays with silicon probes for layer-resolved ensemble electrophysiology in freely moving mice) bioRxiv, 2021.

Dispatch on climbing mice published in Current Biology

Together with Jasper Poort, I have written a dispatch for Boone, Samonds and colleagues’ paper on binocular vision in climbing mice.

New paper accepted at Nature Communications

The results of a recent collaboration with Pieter Roelfsema’s group at the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience have been accepted for publication in Nature Communications.

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Online Workshop - Linking behavioral and neural dynamics

Online Workshop (together with Anton Sirota, LMU): “Linking behavioral and neural dynamics” (official announcement)