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3D models and data extraction/analysis code for the head-mounted camera system described in:

AF Meyer, J Poort, J O’Keefe, M Sahani, and JF Linden: A head-mounted camera system integrates detailed behavioral monitoring with multichannel electrophysiology in freely moving mice, Neuron, Volume 100, p46-60, 2018. link (open access)

This repository contains the following:


Step-by-step building instructions

1. Parts list

2. Building instructions

3. Implantation

4. Calibration


Head-mounted camera code

Custom camera software for the Raspberry Pi (RPi), which also integrates with the open-ephys plugin-GUI. As this software uses zeromq (with bindings for many programming languages) for communication between the recording computer and the RPi, it can easily be extended/adapted to other systems.

Measurement of head orientation/movement data

Code (including open-ephys plugin) for reading data from intertia measurement unit (IMU) sensors and synchronizing movement data with neural recordings is available here.

Behavioral segmentation

A Python package for behavioral scoring (including GUI for manual annotation) can be found here.


If you are looking for a different variant of the design or want to contribute modified and/or new designs, you can find all files in the 3D model directory. Please use the issue tracker to report problems with building the camera system and create pull requests for improved/new designs.


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